Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You probably didn't know...............

That I just took a shower and spent the last 10 minutes writing dirty words in the mirror.

I read a lot of comics, but mostly batman comics.
I still wish that I could become a detective, live in a cave and have romantic encounters with catwoman.

I really like this one type of pen. the Zebra F-301 Ultra. they cost 4 dollars but I buy 3 at a time and lose them all within a month.

I do not like hair. If it were socially excepted I would be hairless...I might keep my eyebrows I've become attached to them.

I am very good at tying balloons, very good.

I've purchased little corduroy coasters that I absolutely will not use because they are too pretty.

I put my right shoe on first every time.
I take off my left sock first before I go to bed.

If Dylan asks me to hurry up I almost always fall over and hurt myself while rushing to get ready.

After watching "kill bill" or violent movies I get very violent, Dylan has given me the nick-name "punchy".

I have no sense of smell, I've convinced myself that I have "super powered hearing" because of that.

you can pull on my ears and poke me in the eyes but don't you dare touch my nose!

I do not have or want a drivers license.

I day dream a lot about worst case scenarios. so that if in the event a tree falls on my house in the middle of the night and impales me in the chest I will be prepared with a plan.

In high school I owned a yellow moped. I called her rubber ducky.

I haven't worn a dress or skirt since I was Six. I bought a Skirt 3 weeks ago and can't bring myself to look at it, maybe in the summer.

When I was 7 I wore casts on both my legs for 4 months. The 3rd month in I developed chicken pocks.

And now you know.

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