Friday, March 14, 2008

March Break

I Remember a time when March break used to be fun.
Now that I work with the general public for a living.......not so much.

Number of people coming through the doors=6,120
Number of hours worked this week=79
Number of piles puke cleaned in the last week= 4
Number of Tylenol extra strength swallowed per day= 3
Number of Daycares showing up(without reservations) per day= 2
Number of district managers "dropping by" =1
oh and can't forget!
Pile of human pooh cleaned off toilet seat=1

What self respecting man goes into the washroom pulls the toilet seat down and squats over top of the lid to lay a massive log? He couldn't of sat on top of the lid to do it, he would of smeared it all over himself. he literally had to do the "hover squat".

Why would he do this? He could not of been angry that there was no toilet paper because there was two full rolls of it. Maybe he didn't like the movie, fine chuck popcorn at the screen like every other over zealous movie goer. But no, in my 60th hour worked I was standing in the mens washroom with a massive black garbage bag on my hand picking up human feces telling myself that it is no different than Wyatt's pooh in the back yard.

Yeah, March Break has been great.

Sorry internet, for not posting as often I should. I've been occupied.

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