Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3 days and counting.

Friday will be a Carly day.

-I will wake up at an ungodly hour(7am) and go to work.
-I will complete the long list of things i must do before i will allow myself peace of mind on my vacation.
-At 11:30 I will drink copious amounts of water and waddle over to larch Street clinic.
-I will meet Dylan there to have our first ultra sound.
-With any luck we will find out if it is a boy or girl.
-I will hop on a bus and go see The Dark night ( batman) at 3:30.
-I will eat anything I want Popcorn, tcby, giant pretzel, pizza , or french fries with a giant size ice tea mixed with fruitopia (strawberry).
- I Might go see batman again with Dylan at 6:45 if it is as good as I'm hoping.
- then i will go home and pack for my blissful 10 day vacation.

That my lonely reader is a good day.
Gone fishing......

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